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Amazon stellt seinen KI-basierten Chatbot Q vor

After OpenAI's ChatGPT, Microsoft's Copilot and Google's Bard, it was only a matter of time before Amazon followed suit. Now the company's AWS division has unveiled its own AI-based chatbot, "Q". The most important difference: it is not aimed at private individuals, but is designed to provide targeted support to corporate customers in IT and development, administration and project management. This could also benefit online print shops. 


They can be found on more and more e-commerce websites and in online shops: Chatbots. They answer questions about products or put you in touch with a personal advisor. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, they can do even more and try to understand and answer even more complex enquiries - even going as far as concluding a contract. But how legally compliant is this use? What needs to be considered?


Will packaging designers soon be superfluous? At least that's the impression you might get if you take a closer look at "Spring", the new AI-based tool from British technology start-up "Sourceful". Based on prompts and specific questions about the brand and desired packaging, it is designed to automatically generate.


We have known since the pandemic and the countless online stores that have emerged since then that Shopify is not merely an interesting and simple solution for entering the world of e-commerce. The e-commerce platform is also increasingly becoming an interesting field of activity for print shops - keyword dropshipping - and other providers from the printing industry.

Amex Offers

Customer loyalty programs are in vogue, and not for the first time. Based on their purchasing behaviour, customers receive special offers or discounts that ideally bind them to the service provider in the long term. This is important! And yet in-house customer loyalty programs often fall short of the mark.


It has been three years since Christoph Behn retired from the operational management of the Celebrate Company and founded the business angels association Better Ventures. But now he is returning - and taking over for Co-CEO Patrick Leibold, who will be leaving the company at the end of 2023 after six years.


There was little movement in average online print prices in the third quarter of the year: While they again settled at a very slightly higher level in the flyer segment, with a peak in July, the average prices for the shopping cart in Q3 were slightly higher than in Q2, but still well below the values for the previous year.