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Is artificial intelligence more of an opportunity or a threat? The market and opinion research institute YouGov and Statista have just dealt with this question - and to put it in a nutshell: Germans are divided in their opinion. But no matter what your personal answer to this question may be: AI is changing the way we work - and is not stopping at the C-level, i.e. the management level. It's high time to get to grips with the topic. 

Dr. Ralph Dittmann sprach auf dem Online Print Symposium 2023 über die Beilage und warum sie keineswegs eine Klimakiller ist

In view of the digital alternatives, advertising brochures are no longer up to date - and even worse, they are climate killers. This is precisely what is often cited by those who have just discontinued their printed offer communication or are planning to do so. Neither the one nor the other is true, as Dr Ralph Dittmann, Managing Director of the WKS Group, impressively demonstrated at the Online Print Symposium 2023 with the help of current figures. 

Angebotskommunikation: promotional communications

Obi already did it last year, Rewe wants to follow suit in July and discontinue its printed advertising brochure. Netto has been testing a slimmed-down version of its "Promotional leaflet" in the greater Berlin area since the fall of 2022, and Aldi has said goodbye to its printed customer magazine. Reports like these give the impression that printed promotional communication is a discontinued model.


Since the end of last year, ChatGPT, Midjourney and Dall-E have not only filled what felt like every media channel but have also turned learned truths about what is created by people and what is created by technology on their heads. It was only logical that artificial intelligence should also be part of the Online Print Symposium 2023. For the keynote, the organizers brought journalist and author, Jörg Schieb, a real digital expert, on stage.


It should be clear to everyone that an online store for print products alone is no guarantee of a company's success - after all, potential customers first have to hear about the offer. But social media and AI are turning classic marketing strategies on their head. Digital commerce is gaining in importance - for print companies, too.


The trend of recent months is continuing: average online print prices for flyers have also risen in the first quarter of 2023 and are once again reaching record levels for some suppliers. This means that online print prices appear to be decoupling from graphic paper prices again for the first time - after all, these have slightly fallen recently. The ZOPI shopping cart is somewhat different.

Robert Keane

Online print has turned the traditional printing industry on its head in a big way, especially in the last 20 years. But its history goes back much further. At the Online Print Symposium 2023 in Munich, Robert Keane, founder and CEO of Cimpress, told the audience exactly how far back - and why radios, a book by Stan Davis and an MIT study on the automotive industry all played a role.


be.print is the name of Lead-Print's new online print ecosystem, which is designed to connect print shops and corporates easily, quickly and seamlessly with each other and, if required, with external service providers. With the new 360° mass customization platform, the Willich-based provider of B2C and B2B store environments aims to take web-to-print and print procurement to a new level, according to an official press release.