Author: Judith Grajewski

Für viele in der Druckindustrie ist sie keine Unbekannte: Fast 14 Jahre lang war Judith Grajewski für das Fachmagazin Deutscher Drucker tätig; hat als Redakteurin vor allem über den Wachstumsmarkt Digitaldruck berichtet, als Online-Verantwortliche das Portal und die Social-Media-Kanäle mit aufgebaut und sich als „Transaction Editor“ mit Content-Management- und Marketingstrategien beschäftigt. Nach einem kurzen Intermezzo als Chefredakteurin des Werbetechnik- und LFP-Fachportals Sign&Print beim schwedischen AGI-Verlag, bleibt die studierte Dipl.-Ing. für Medientechnik (FH) ihrer Leidenschaft für Print treu und widmet sich nun der Beratung und Projektbegleitung von Druckunternehmen auf ihrem Weg in eine digitalisierte Zukunft. Darüber hinaus gibt sie als Redaktionsleiterin von Beyond Print regelmäßig Einblick in relevante Themen des E-Business Print.

Yvonne Rostock: Dr. Christian Friege
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After months of internal disputes over the chairmanship of the Neumüller Cewe Color Stiftung for next year, the Board of Trustees has appointed Yvonne Rostock to succeed Dr. Christian Friege. She is to take over the CEO function as well as overall responsibility for sales in the Cewe Group by April 2023 at the latest.

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Personalized books are not new – however, a platform that provides uncomplicated market access for the creative minds behind the stories and at the same time offers the customizable books to end customers certainly is. Appropriately named TwoWorlds, the new marketplace for personalized books enables just that.

Web-to-Print Podcast rissc Alex Sperrfechter
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Web-to-print, e-commerce, mass customization: where the Printformer from rissc is used, everything usually revolves around the personalisation of (print) products. In the latest episode of Zippers Insights, rissc founder and CEO Alexander Sperrfechter reveals why it is now impossible to imagine online printing without the Ludwigsburg-based IT company and why the future in W2P is “headless”.  

IRS geht in der Laudert GmbH + Co. KG auf
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The two companies have belonged together since July 2021. Now Integrated Realization Services GmbH (IRS) from Nuremberg, which specialises in programmatic printing and web to print, has been completely merged, both legally and organisationally, into Laudert GmbH + Co KG. The merger, which came into effect on 1 October but is retroactive to 1 July, is intended to make better use of synergy effects. 

Stora Enso
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Necessity is the mother of invention: Lidl and Kaufland are currently demonstrating how to secure resources. The Finnish paper manufacturer Stora Enso has announced that the Schwarz Group, to which the discounters mentioned above belong, will become the new owner of the Maxau paper mill. The takeover can be seen as one thing above all: As a commitment of the Schwarz Group to printed matter.

Probo: Bernd Zipper und Rene de Heij
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Sound-absorbing pictures made from recycled jeans, “Probots” in production and a subscription system for reusable materials: at the large format specialist Probo in Dokkum, the Netherlands, innovation is not just an empty word but a day-to-day reality. In the latest episode of Zipper’s Insights, Managing Director René de Heij revealed what exactly that means.

PostScript Type 1 Schriften Ende des Support was nun?
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Postscript Type 1 fonts have too small a character set and are not supported by browsers and mobile devices. Despite this, Postscript Type 1 fonts are used in a large proportion of print products – often even as CI fonts. In January 2023, Adobe will end support for the font format from the 1980s. Dirk Simanek from Artoption GmbH told us why this is a real problem for print service providers.

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