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Kirsten Hommelhoff
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The printing industry has been undergoing constant change for as long as there has been a printing industry – whether it’s more powerful machines, new printing processes or new distribution channels. With artificial intelligence, the signs are now once again pointing to change, as the question of whether AI should be used in the printing industry has long since given way to the question of how.

Thomas Beguin
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Artificial intelligence has been the dominant topic across all industries for almost two years. But AI itself is not new. Even in the printing industry, there were business models based on artificial intelligence long before ChatGPT. One example of this was the Dutch company “Resnap”, which first used classic algorithms and later AI models to revolutionize photo book production.

Dr. Sebastian Klapdor
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Data is the new oil? Not so, declared Dr. Sebastian Klapdor from Vista at the Online Print Symposium 2024, explaining that data should not be like oil, difficult to extract, transport or even toxic, but like water: clean (processed), easily accessible and easy to share. Just as water creates life, data could generate innovation and growth for companies – when it is perceived as a product. Especially since data is the basis for AI applications.

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It was a record-breaking IOP spring conference: nearly 50 members accepted the invitation of Dr. Ralph Dittmann from WKS Druckholding GmbH to Wassenberg and gained unique insights into production on site. At the subsequent meeting, two more members were also accepted into the Initiative Online Print – bringing the IOP to a total of 53 member companies – more than ever before.

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They can be found on more and more e-commerce websites and in online shops: Chatbots. They answer questions about products or put you in touch with a personal advisor. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, they can do even more and try to understand and answer even more complex enquiries – even going as far as concluding a contract. But how legally compliant is this use? What needs to be considered?

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The Directive on distance contracts for financial services will be adopted tomorrow. As the name suggests, this directive makes or revises provisions on loans and other financial services. However, it also contains a completely unrelated provision on the right of withdrawal for remote sales contracts. The new obligation introduces a cancellation function for digitally concluded sales contracts.

Johannes Gutenberg
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Johannes Gutenberg is regarded as the inventor of printing with movable metallic letters and thus as the founder of modern letterpress printing – at least in Europe. This is because a collection of Buddhist teachings appeared in Korea 78 years before the world-famous Gutenberg Bible, and was also already printed with metallic letters. A collaborative research project has now set itself the task of finding out more about this.

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