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At times, you might get the impression that it must have been incredibly savvy businessmen who invented the Internet. It’s as if they asked themselves: How can we conveniently reach as many people as possible on the planet, sell them products around the clock – and to make it all work perfectly, even make them totally transparent without them noticing?

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Due to the Corona pandemic, many employees have been placed in home offices, in some cases without any preparation or strategy. While some companies have used the time since March 2020 to put the initially provisional work from home on a professional and legally compliant footing, it seems that some other companies are having difficulties with the proper implementation.

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In an interview with Balthasar Mayer / SIP, Bernd Zipper talks about online printing in the German-speaking region. How he views the overall economic situation, which trends will determine online printing and what role the Online Print Symposium plays in the process.

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The Red Print Group is a new online printer on the market. Behind it is a company that is no stranger to the market, Druckhaus Mainfranken. Moreover, the red printers from Lower Franconia unapologetically declare themselves to be price makers. Is this just marketing bluster or is there really something behind it?

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We constantly hear: Digitization has to move faster. In schools. In administration. Currently, of course, also with the health authorities, in order to get a better grip on the Corona crisis. And in the economy, as well. It’s as if everyone believes that digitization could easily solve all of our problems. But we all know that this is not the case.

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