takes a summer break.


Now that the summer holidays are starting, the zipcon consulting team and I are going on vacation. This time – a first in my case – I’m heading north on four wheels. And no, I don’t fancy “meeting up on the spur of the moment because I happen to be in the neighborhood” 😉

Now some readers may well ask why Zipper feels the need to clock up the miles on the road when he’s on vacation, given that he does enough traveling when doing his day job. But be that as it may – I really wonder what it “feels” like vacationing in a motorhome.

From mid-August onwards I shall be reporting here as per usual on many more topical and fascinating issues.  My colleagues, some of whom are not going on vacation, are already busy researching. So you can look forward with anticipation to an exciting second half of the year.

So until then my team and I wish you restful holidays and keep your cool this summer.

Yours sincerely

Bernd Zipper


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