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From the World Wide Web to cloud services: Technological developments in recent decades have fundamentally changed industry and business – and with them the work and processes in print shops. However, one small tool, or rather file format, is often overlooked in the list – even though data exchange in general and online printing in particular would not work as we know it today.

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The print industry is undergoing profound changes as a result of digital transformation. Data has become an important part of these changes, and companies need to ensure that they use it responsibly to be successful. In this article, you will learn what data ethics means in the print industry, the benefits it offers, and how companies can put it into practice. What is data ethics in the print industry?

Datenkompetenz: Data literacy
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What is the “creator” of this infographic trying to accomplish? We’ve asked ourselves this question many times. Even the hippest media designers adhere to typography, and similarly, an ergonomic software user interface is the result of specific fundamentals and experience. So why should we believe that no “laws” apply to infographic design?

BP Celebrate digital printing Industrieumzug
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Space at the old production site in Schramberg was just enough for two years, then it simply became too tight for celebrate digital printing. The company has recently relocated to Villingen-Schwenningen. Most people have moved before, but an industrial relocation of a 24/7 manufacturing company with a six-figure turnover per day is quite another matter.

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ERP systems provide standard reports. Today, reports should be available online and in real time. Often, they are enriched with eye catching graphics. However, this is still not a “real” dashboard. There are key differences between a report and a dashboard. A dashboard must be the result of considerations related to a digital strategy.

PostScript Type 1 Schriften Ende des Support was nun?
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Postscript Type 1 fonts have too small a character set and are not supported by browsers and mobile devices. Despite this, Postscript Type 1 fonts are used in a large proportion of print products – often even as CI fonts. In January 2023, Adobe will end support for the font format from the 1980s. Dirk Simanek from Artoption GmbH told us why this is a real problem for print service providers.

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In his book Data Power, published by Nomos/C.H.Beck, Dr. Simon Deuring writes that data is dramatically shifting the balance of power in business. The opportunities are: the development of new business areas, cost reductions and personalized offers. The legal system is faced with the question: regulation or trust in the self-regulation of the markets?

Daten-Wertschöpfungskette: Data Value Chain
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In many print shops, financial accounting and the ERP system provide the data needed to manage a company. In many cases, the printing industry has standard reports for the key performance indicators (KPI). If you want to go beyond that and create additional value from the data, then you need experts in data visualization and analysis.

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In the search for holistic IT concepts that meet individual requirements, more and more print shops are coming across no-code platforms. In addition to facilitating software development, these platforms promise the precise integration of hardware, third-party and legacy systems, as well as the automation of administrative processes.

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It is annoying when the user’s journey through the web store comes to an abrupt end with an error. Everyone is familiar with the frustration of online shopping: unclear purchase processes, non-transparent returns processes, pages that don’t finish loading, or simply errors in the applications themselves, such as when the data upload doesn’t work or the next page in the web store simply isn’t accessible.

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