Charity: Making the world a better place


The gala evening of the Flyeralarm Design Award 2020 knew only winners: the award winners, the non-profit organizations, the committed sponsors, the judges, the organizer and the approximately 200 guests who celebrated on February 20, 2020 in the festive atmosphere of the Varieté Wintergarten Berlin.

It is normally not my style to report on events or happenings – but in the process of redesigning (one may be curious), there is one particular event that I would like to highlight. After a six-year break, Flyeralarm 2020 once again hosted its Design Award. Germany’s designers, graphic artists and creators were called upon to develop and submit a DIN A4 ad motif for one of four non-profit organizations or their related topics. Around 500 designers submitted their designs to the four categories of the creative award, from which a top-class panel of experts selected a total of twelve winning designs.

High social commitment

Due to the call for entries and the well-chosen topics of Flyeralarm, the actual winners of the evening had been determined a long time ago: The non-profit organizations that stand up for people (Children for a Better World e.V.), the environment (BUND Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland e.V.), animal protection (PETA Deutschland e.V.) and social aspects of our planet (Standpunkt e.V.). They were not only pleased with the winning advertisements, which they may use for their own advertising and for their campaigns, but they also received donation cheques for 3,000 euros each, the total amount of which the designers had raised with their participation fee. For the winning designs in the four categories, the creators of the winning work received an award trophy and €2,500 each in print volume from Flyeralarm, and for the second and third places, they received a print volume of €1,000 and €500 respectively.

The impressive quality of the winning works can be viewed on the website, which was set up especially for this purpose. There you can also find general information about the award, the composition of the judges and much more.

“I am pleased that an online printer like Flyeralarm is socially committed, combining its marketing budget with a good cause and is able to be “Altruistic”.” – Bernd Zipper

Making the world a better place

“I was particularly impressed by the high quality of the award-winning advertising designs with which the four organizations can promote their concerns and their work. With this award, we want to continue to make our contribution to ensure that the wealth of ideas in this country benefits the institutions that work for people, animals, the environment and social issues and thus make the world a little bit better,” said Flyeralarm CEO Thorsten Fischer in Berlin.

The Flyeralarm Award made it clear to the participants of the gala in Berlin that we do not live alone on this planet, that we have to show consideration for other people, animals and nature. If the realization is passed on that we all live in symbiosis with our environment and are inseparably connected with each other, the award has achieved more than just to honor designs.

The winners of the Flyeralarm Design Award 2020, source: © Foto FLYERALARM /

Only for necessary background information:

Panel of experts

The top-class panel of judges, consisted of industry experts Prof. Dr. Ralf Strauß (President of the German Marketing Association), Dr. Uwe Vorkötter (Editor-in-Chief of Horizont), Andreas Jung (Marketing Director of FC Bayern Munich), Isabelle Schnellbügel (CSO of Ogilvy GmbH), Bernd Zipper (CEO of zipcon consulting GmbH), Alexander Stotz (CEO of Ströer Media Deutschland GmbH) and Thorsten Fischer (CEO of Flyeralarm) that awarded prizes to twelve designs after intensive consultation.

Category – People

Children for a Better World e.V.: Fighting child poverty in Germany.

  1. Place: Björn Sklar – “Reality has no filters”
  2. Place: Christopher Fraas – “Ego shooter majority decision-maker”
  3. Place:Hanna Heintzsch – “I am the fifth”

Category – Environment

Association for the Environment and Nature Conservation Germany  e.V. (BUND): Climate protection – Getting rid of coal, oil and gas

  1. Place: Andreas Prossliner – “This is what winners look like”
  2. Place: Bettina Häckl – “Rethinking – Now”
  3. Place: Kerstin Martin – “Rest in peace”

Category – Animals

PETA Germany e.V.: We are all animals – against speciesism, a worldview that considers humans as superior to all other living beings.

  1. Place: Peter Gremse – “Off the table”
  2. Place: Jana Moßmann – “And your favorite piece?”
  3. Place: Janina Sommer – “Super saver menu”

Category – Social

Standpunkt e.V.: People, animals, nature and our planet. We live in a symbiosis and are inseparably connected.

  1. Place: Guido Brauer – “Not seeing the forest”
  2. Place: Josephine Kreischer – “Symbiosis”
  3. Place: Andrea Lühr – “Life is unity”

The audience award was won by Julien Goldschmidt with his motif “Equal Rights for All Animals” (Category Animals / PETA Deutschland e.V.). A total of 6,975 votes were cast in December 2019 for the approximately 500 motifs presented on the website, 671 of which were cast for the winning design.

My Take: The Flyeralarm Design Award has impressively proven that online print can also be “Altruistic”. I, for one, am pleased that online print is socially committed and thus shows that there is more to it than just a high turnover. All right, classic printing companies do a lot of good – and other online printers, such as Onlineprinters, are also socially committed – but here, it shows, the approach is what really matters in the end. And it’s good to know that the marketing and advertising budgets don’t just flow into the coffers of the Internet giants but are also connected to a good cause. After all, Flyeralarm spent a lot of money on the organization of the award, the event itself and the prize money. And yes, of course it’s marketing – but still, perhaps the world will become just a little better for it.
Charity: Making the world a better place
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Charity: Making the world a better place
The gala evening of the Flyeralarm Design Award 2020 knew only winners: the award winners, the non-profit organizations, the committed sponsors, the jury, the organizer and the approximately 200 guests who celebrated on February 20, 2020 in the festive atmosphere of the Varieté Wintergarten Berlin.
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