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More than Print
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With “More than Print”, Elanders Print & Packaging has launched its own podcast – and invited a real print enthusiast for the very first episode. In a conversation with Steven Asumang, Head of Marketing & E-Commerce, Bernd Zipper explains why print is sexy even (or especially) in an increasingly digital world, why media use is like a toolbox that everyone should be able to put together freely, and what print stores are able to hold their own. Curious?

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On 14 and 15 March 2024, the Online Print Symposium will enter its 11th round at the Science Congress Center Munich with more than 300 participants from all over the world! After a brilliant anniversary event, the Online Print Symposium now presents itself in a new look. The new logo and design can already be seen on the website:

Buy with Prime
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Amazon wants a piece of the growing direct-to-consumer (D2C) trend. The world’s largest online marketplace is pleased with its “Buy with Prime” feature, which has been available to U.S. third-party sellers for several months. So satisfied, in fact, that the company is now even teaming up with Shopify to establish the new function across an even broader market.

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“Immersive exhibitions are designed to simplify access to artists such as Monet, van Gogh, and Klimt and their works via room-filling, large digital screens, sound installations, and virtual reality. What is currently THE trend in art is also making its way into e-commerce, as a study by Zendesk proves. Immersion is playing an increasingly important role, especially in customer service.

Customer Centricity
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Anyone who runs an online store knows how important it is to win new customers – and to do so constantly. That’s why they invest heavily in marketing and put together an attractive special package from time to time. But what attracts new customers often doesn’t apply to existing customers.

Peter Meyer
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Peter Meyer is the new Chairman of the Board and CEO of calendar and print advertising specialist Geiger-Notes in Mainz-Kastel. In so doing, he succeeds Sven Weiß, who will be leaving the company’s Management Board at his own request at the end of the year. But the turn of the year also brings another change at Geiger-Notes.