MyPostcard: Berlin-based start-up aims to become industry leader


Very successful in Germany and has been operating in the US market for just 10 months: MyPostcard provides an app-to-print service for vacation postcards and other types of greetings. A review before the vacation season really gets going.

A selfie in front of an olive grove in Crete or a picture of your kid posing by the pool complex –you can kiss goodbye to boring old off-the-peg postcards. Travelers that don’t have any great vacation pics on their smartphones are rare, so why not design a postcard ad hoc and commission shipping via an app. Selecting from a postcard rack in the souvenir store is a thing of the past and vacation greetings can be given a very personal touch. That’s what Oliver Kray thought too when he set up MyPostcard in Berlin at the beginning of 2014. Although his is not the first business to operate in this segment, it is nevertheless one of the most successful, given that his firm is only a very recent start-up. So that’s reason enough to take a closer look at this app-to-postcard business and the market.

The editor functions are easy to understand – here the scaled image with border and rounded corners; Source: zipcon consulting

MyPostcard is one of those exponents of using app-to-print to harness the power of digital for print and it can therefore manage the balancing act between purely electronic vacation greetings and classic souvenir store postcards. That’s music to the ears of postal businesses around the world, especially as that means that several million extra postcards are sent annually. According to a 2016 Bitkom survey, roughly half of all vacationers still send greetings home by post – and simple-to-use apps like the MyPostcard one are responsible for this. This app-to-print provider has already made a name for itself and partners with a diverse range of major companies from the tourism industry. In 2016 it generated around two million Euros in sales – given its headcount, this Berlin-based start-up is currently viewed as a small enterprise by German standards. The CEO and founder of MyPostcard has a design background, which is immediately apparent in its greeting card store. That’s because it features several thousand ready-to-use designs, motifs and details, which can be used solo or in combination with your own picture material.

Mobile design of personalized vacation greetings is incredibly simple – after downloading the app at iTunes or Google Playstore users can select from a range of different postcard templates, e.g. a collage featuring multiple details on the face. One or more photos can also be uploaded from recently taken pictures, from your photo album or straight from Instagram. After that the picture material is scaled to size and given a border. The buyer has a maximum of 450 characters  – depending on the font and font size selected – at their disposal for the text on the reverse side of the postcard. Buyers then pay, either by PayPal, SEPA direct debit, credit card or via the buyer’s credit balance on their customer account. Cards are then sent within Germany or worldwide costing 1.99 Euros.

Oliver Kray wants MyPostcard to become the market leader, not just in Germany but internationally too. I have therefore compiled the following outline, which is based on data from iTunes, Google Playstore and corporate websites (as at 13.06.2017). Since I don’t want to portray anybody in a bad light, I have dispensed with an average number of reviews here – my only aim is to show what advantage the specialized providers have over the online print providers that treat app-to-postcard as a sideline.

Why are there so few providers here? Because some of the services that I came across during the course of my research are in my opinion and that of other users pretty rough-and-ready, which is reflected in poor update management by some providers. And as I said before, the quantity of reviews does not represent the number of users or even downloads. To date the MyPostcard app has been downloaded more than one million times, which means that of the major players in this segment it is in second place behind TouchNote, which is (still) the download leader.

“No searching for stamps, mobile design and payment options and attractive pricing for vacation greetings with a personal touch – MyPostcard’s sound concept satisfies a range of vacationers’ wishes at the same time.” – Bernd Zipper

Obviously such services have been provided for several years now, but the abundance of providers in the segment has increased significantly and major players from the online print industry like Cewe are getting in on the app service act. However MyPostcard is of interest because it has only been in business for three years and is also equity-financed. Its focus is on postcards you can personalize and growth of this formerly niche offering (the company now offers other products as well) is being proactively accelerated through expansion. Although MyPostcard only launched its app-based postcard service online in 2014, the current market leader in this segment, TouchNote (UK), has been around for a lot longer than that. Although they are not (yet) direct competitors, given the geographical distance between them, that is set to change in the near future as MyPostcard expands further. The Berlin-based app and digital print service provider covers the whole of Europe from its current location, and is continuing to search for investors in the USA and Germany since entering the US market (by opening an office in New York).

My take: the opportunity of designing a postcard yourself using an app and paying for it immediately irrespective of your location does not make sending it a generational issue among users. Alongside the pricing argument – app-generated greeting cards are definitely not too expensive – that is to my mind one of the main reasons why the app-to-postcard concept is currently extremely popular and will be in the future, not just with younger travelers. MyPostcard in particular has operated under this expressive brand name since 2014 in a way that really makes commercial sense (exactly like Willie Brandl from, whom I recently profiled here) and is building on the success of the last three years by expanding in the USA (from August 2016 onwards). Over time the company has also evolved from being a single-product business into a multi-product company offering photo prints that you can order via app. MyPostcard has come up with a corresponding browser version for all products to avoid being restricted to just the app. This season some app-to-postcard providers will most likely quit the market, because they are simply overshadowed by more user-friendly programs. Some of the online print big boys are still lacking such a useful app in their portfolios – we shall see how long that remains the case.

Founder and CEO of zipcon consulting GmbH, one of the leading consulting companies for the print and media industry in Central Europe. The technology and strategy consultant and his team actively support practical implementation in a wide variety of customer projects. His work involves developing visions, concepts and strategies for the players active in the print production process across a wide range of industries. His areas of expertise include online print, mass customization, strategy and technological assessment for print, and the development of new strategies in the print and media environment. Bernd Zipper is the creator and chairman of Initiative Online Print e.V. and, in addition to his consulting activities, is an author, lecturer and sought-after speaker, orator and moderator. His visionary lectures are regarded worldwide as trend-setting management recommendations for the print and media industry. (Profiles also in Xing, LinkedIn).

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  1. I recently tried My Post Card App. I was so excited to send out personal thank you’s to my friends and family that helped me celebrate my 50th birthday. However, it’s been over a week since they sent me a confirmation saying that my very personal andbtime consuming cards had been “dropped” at the post office and no one has received them. So I reached out to their customer service via email. At first, I received an email reply saying, “Hey, send me the order number to the card and I’ll resend it.” I sent a reply back with all nine order numbers and let them know it wasn’t just one but nine. I received another email reply saying, “they all were sent out correctly. It’s on the post office. Please give it two more days.” Needless, to say I’m not happy. The responses are unprofessional and I’m not getting what I paid for on top of it! Do you have any suggestions of what action I should take next? I have a BLOG called “Talking to Tina,” I’m ready to spread the news that this is NOT a worthwhile app.

    • Dear Tina,

      thank you for your feedback.
      I agree with you it is not nice when the cards do not make it and that is not good thing 🙁
      I am happy to check your case once again.
      Please be so kind and let me know once again one of the order numbers and I wlll check the cards and happily send them out again if necessary.
      Please contact me at and I am happy to help you and I am sure that your cards will find their way to their recipients.
      I am looking forward to hear from you.

      Kind regards,
      Gideon from MyPostcard

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