OPS 2020: Transforming the DNA of Print


In line with its “Transforming the DNA of Print” motto, the Online Print Symposium 2020 is focusing on online print’s power to transform the entire print industry.

But isn’t that bit about DNA a little exaggerated? Hasn’t that got something to do with medicine and biology? So, let’s get a quick definition: DNA is the abbreviation of deoxyribonucleic acid and is composed of de- (term for something removed), the first syllable of oxygen, the first two syllables of ribose and nucleic acid. This biomolecule that is found in chromosomes is the carrier of genetic information in all living creatures, i.e. the material basis of genes. Says so in Wikipedia. Got that? No? OK, next try. Deoxyribonucleic acid is a macromolecule in which the information required for a living creature to develop and function is encoded. Still not got it? But now we’re there: DNA is the term for the chemical composition of genetic information. The blueprint of life, so to speak. Aha!

On the mutation of print

And the OPS 2020 organizers want to change that? Can the term DNA even be applied to an industry that is as multifaceted as its products?

Yes, it can. Let’s say that the print industry is a macromolecule, i.e. a giant molecule that is composed of repeated, identical or different units. Ultimately, that’s what it is too! If the structure of just one of the molecules it contains changes, that is termed a mutation. Biologists talk about a permanent change to genetic material, which initially affects the genetic material of just one cell, but is passed on to its daughter cells. This is what makes DNA transformation happen!

This can definitely be compared with online print, which has infected and already permanently changed the print industry. The transformative power of digital business relationships is creating new business models and altering market mechanisms, and therefore is turning established business strategies in the print industry upside down. Having long since emerged from a niche, eBusiness Print is increasingly setting trends and standards, gaining more and more market share and giving online print providers high rates of growth.

No future without digital customer interfaces

From this perspective, the Online Print Symposium 2020 will be carefully examining key developments and illustrating their impact and associated opportunities and possibilities. Acting as a trend scout, the OPS has already been monitoring this rapid growth market since 2013 and has advanced to become the globally relevant rendezvous of the eBusiness Print community. And the organizers (Bundesverband Druck und Medien e.V. (bvdm) and zipcon consulting GmbH) are once again expecting an increase in delegate numbers at the 8th Online Print Symposium on March 3 and 4, 2020 in Unterschleissheim near Munich.

“The combination of management-level communication, excellent presentations program and top lineup of exhibitors makes the Online Print Symposium the must-do rendezvous for all those who are interested in transforming their businesses. You’ll kick yourself afterwards if you don’t participate.” – Bernd Zipper

“Increasingly more customized buying experiences, the unstoppable trend towards mobile use as well as artificial intelligence-driven customer behavior analyses are just some of the current trends. Yet what’s important is keeping pace with these rapid developments. That’s why we are looking forward to a Symposium that includes a range of diverse, fascinating topics for online professionals and companies that have recognized that a future without digital customer interfaces has little chance of being a success story,” Jens Meyer, CEO of co-organizer printXmedia, explains.

Once again, TOP online print and eCommerce sector representatives from Germany and abroad are expected to take the stage at the 8th Online Print Symposium. This time the spectrum of topics includes plenty of best-practice cases, ranging from enhanced customer approaches via mass customization solutions, digitally triggered, mini-batch production through smart logistics concepts.

And last but not least, OPS 2020 visitors can again look forward to networking with online print-passionate colleagues, speakers and experts. This is where online print, agency, marketing and media management decision makers meet up to communicate in depth.

Reconfiguring structures

“Rapidly developing technologies like 5G and Machine Learning are delivering self-enhanced, computer-controlled analyses with the aid of modern algorithms. Thanks to AI, online stores will be in a position to offer their potential buyers a personal and personalized shopping experience, based on available information. These changes have the potential to reconfigure the structure of both the eBusiness Print market and the entire print industry. With this in mind, the “Transforming the DNA of Print!” slogan puts the industry’s mutation process in a nutshell,” Bernd Zipper, CEO of zipcon consulting and co-organizer, explains.

That will also be apparent in the fascinating keynotes, which will report on successful change processes. The presentation by Richard Askam, who will be reporting on a functioning business model involving printed soccer balls, or the input by Frank Fülle, CEO of Briefodruck, who will provide a behind-the-scenes look at his innovative mailshot business and explain how mailshots can deliver quality printed customer approaches in sync with haptic marketing, promise to be exciting.

Furthermore, the OPS 2020 will again cast its eye over other industries and markets. And the program has one or two surprises in store. But more about that in future previews of the Symposium. To start with, here is the most important organizational information.

Key facts

  • 8th Online Print Symposium: March 3 to 4, 2020 (starting at 9 am each day) in the Infinity Hotel & Conference Resort Munich, Andreas-Danzer-Weg 1, 85716 Unterschleissheim near Munich.
  • The OPS 2020 will already kick off on March 2, 2020 with the Insider Get-Together. Alongside the Symposium and networking opportunities, the accompanying partner exhibition will provide highlights and news.
  • Tickets for the Online Print Symposium 2020 are available as of now. Fast movers can save a fair bit of money by ordering an Early Bird Ticket by December 31, 2019.
  • Organizers: Bundesverband Druck und Medien e.V. (bvdm) and zipcon consulting GmbH.
  • Detailed information and registration opportunities at www.online-print-symposium.de
My Take: Well, have we aroused your interest? Despite or because of that bit about DNA? Then save the date in your diary and join the online print community. It’s worth it! As is demonstrated by the many “recidivists”, who keep attending year after year! Furthermore, there is no comparable online print industry event with such a breadth and depth of topics and a program and networking opportunities of such quality. If you don’t want to miss the opportunity of making contact with online print industry business leaders, then the OPS 2020 is your place-to-be as well. So, register to be a part of it – and not to miss out on anything.
OPS 2020: Transforming the DNA of Print
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OPS 2020: Transforming the DNA of Print
In line with its “Transforming the DNA of Print” motto, the Online Print Symposium 2020 is focusing on online print’s power to transform the entire print industry.
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