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A chat with an artificial intelligence – a gimmick or accessible machine learning? Our author wants to know whether the app “Replika” really is a virtual friend as advertised or just a chatbot. In a self-experiment, he puts the AI app to the test.  Influenced by my research into AI methods, I came across a report about the app, Replika. Replika is an instant messaging app that lets you chat 24/7 supposedly with an AI.

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The current episode of the jabberfish podcast is dedicated to looking into the crystal ball: Where is the future of artificial intelligence (AI) heading? At the suggestion of Ingo Eichel (Adobe), Bernd Zipper and Haeme Ulrich discuss the developments at the intersection of real AI and machine learning.

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The Vienna-based start-up, Kaleido AI, has been acquired by the Australian design platform, Canva. Kaleido’s software has already been available for use via the platform for a year. The deal is described as one of the largest exits in the Austrian startup scene. Both sides have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.