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Will B2B be the next big trend in online print? Actually, the potential that lies in business-to-business relationships is nothing new and has been known for a long time. But more and more online printers and print brokers, whose focus has long been on SMEs or even end consumers, are right now deliberately expanding their customer group in this direction.

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In the search for holistic IT concepts that meet individual requirements, more and more print shops are coming across no-code platforms. In addition to facilitating software development, these platforms promise the precise integration of hardware, third-party and legacy systems, as well as the automation of administrative processes.

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Hundreds of new business partners per week generating thousands of orders and thus impressive growth in a short space of time – and all for a manageable investment? What sounds like a crazy pipe dream is in fact possible in reality. After all, anyone who has understood the dropshipping concept and offers their products via an interface to be integrated into various store systems can profit greatly from it. But does this also work with print products? Beyond Print has investigated…