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Because the team of the online printing and e-commerce platform Helloprint found the previous automation solutions for the customer experience in e-commerce too standardised, too inflexible and too cost-intensive, they took matters into their own hands without further ado – and developed their own AI-supported automation software with Engaige. 

IOP Frühjahrstagung: Allcorp
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Among the members of the Initiative Online Print e.V. (IOP), cautious optimism and a spirit of new beginnings prevail. This was clearly noticeable at the spring meeting held at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG in Wiesloch on May 31 and June 1 – despite all the deliberations about how to tackle the current crises. In addition, with allcop Farbbild-Service GmbH & Co. KG, the IOP also welcomed a new member to its ranks.

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The automation of processes is the result of standardization. The goal is to streamline processes or scale a business model. Every media designer who works with open data, regardless of format, knows that countless parameters have to be addressed. Among professionals, this in itself does not always go smoothly. But if the data comes from a system that is foreign to prepress, then the sorcerer’s apprentice needs an experienced master to ensure that the flood of data doesn’t wash him away.

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Connecting software and ensuring data exchange between existing systems is one objective of the Industry 4.0 concepts. One difficulty encountered in practice is the automation of processes, as software packages are often incompatible. Interfaces between ERP system and production workflow are often non-existent or very expensive.