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From the World Wide Web to cloud services: Technological developments in recent decades have fundamentally changed industry and business – and with them the work and processes in print shops. However, one small tool, or rather file format, is often overlooked in the list – even though data exchange in general and online printing in particular would not work as we know it today.

Initiative Online Print IOP neuer Vorstand Ulrich Schätzl Bernd Zipper Roland Keppler
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The Initiative Online Print (IOP) has a new board: Roland Keppler, CEO of Onlineprinters GmbH and Ulrich Schätzl, Director Mass Customization of the Elanders Print+Packaging Group and head of the German section of Dscoop, together with Bernd Zipper, Managing Director of zipcon consulting GmbH and initiator of the IOP, will form the trio of board members of the interest group.

Farbspiel : Kulturgut
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In a podcast called “Farbspiel” which is all about design and beauty, print should not be missing. Obviously. Bernd Zipper spoke with host Dominik Hoffmann about the role of print as a cultural asset, how print enables new products, and why automation, high speeds and a high level of professionalism are needed to ensure that print can survive in the media canon of the future.

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With just a few clicks, you can configure more than 100 products online, including enveloped mailings, postcards, self-mailers or brochures – and everything is quick and easy, with same-day delivery if desired. With this concept, OMS Online Mailing Service GmbH from Kaarst convinced the jury of Druck&Medien Awards 2022 and thus received the IOP Award as the most innovative online printer of the year. 

Ralph Schlözer: Zippers Insights
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Bernd Zipper had a real inkjet insider as a guest. Ralf Schlözer grew up in the printing industry. He studied in Stuttgart, Berlin and the USA, had a deep involvement in research at MAN Roland and knows the facts, figures and data. A man who researches markets and technologies and draws conclusions from them.

Probo: Bernd Zipper und Rene de Heij
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Sound-absorbing pictures made from recycled jeans, “Probots” in production and a subscription system for reusable materials: at the large format specialist Probo in Dokkum, the Netherlands, innovation is not just an empty word but a day-to-day reality. In the latest episode of Zipper’s Insights, Managing Director René de Heij revealed what exactly that means.

Onlineprint neu denken - Bernd Zipper auf dem Online Print Symposium 2022
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In fact, the forecasts looked quite good: 7.1 percent growth in B2C, 8.5 percent in B2B. Then came Corona – and the paper shortage, rising energy prices, and the Ukraine war. A lot has happened in the 785 days since the last Online Print Symposium. Bernd Zipper revealed at OPS 2022 in the Science Congress Center Munich what impact this has had specifically on online print.

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