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The Online Print Symposium is known for going beyond the boundaries of its own comfort zone and addressing trends at an early stage. In keeping with the motto “Empowering the Future of Print,” the second day of the event focused on technologies and developments that have the potential to turn the online print world upside down – and make it fit for the future.

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From the World Wide Web to cloud services: Technological developments in recent decades have fundamentally changed industry and business – and with them the work and processes in print shops. However, one small tool, or rather file format, is often overlooked in the list – even though data exchange in general and online printing in particular would not work as we know it today.

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Every year, Google publishes a summary of the most popular search terms and most popular topics of the previous twelve months. This “year-in-search report” can be used to regularly identify changes in people’s search behavior and derive possible trends for one’s own marketing strategy. What does this have to do with (online) print shops? Plenty.

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Ikea, Abba, Klarna: many things that make our lives more beautiful, more fun or easier have their origins in Sweden. And the Scandinavians are also playing a role in international online print: Printler is an online marketplace that – thanks to Print on Demand – has made it its business to sell very special art to men and women. Beyondprint took a closer look at Printler and spoke with co-founder and marketing director Lukas Löfgren.

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Today I’m writing on my own behalf, as (chief) accomplice, strategy consultant and friend of Max Spies. The order doesn’t quite match the chronology of our life together, but I’ll get to that now. Don’t worry, all is well in the end. I’ll gladly tell you how the story with Max and I began. After completing his training and working in the printing industry for several years, he became an editor at Deutscher Drucker. That was back in 1999 and the millennium year was just around the corner.

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The print industry is undergoing profound changes as a result of digital transformation. Data has become an important part of these changes, and companies need to ensure that they use it responsibly to be successful. In this article, you will learn what data ethics means in the print industry, the benefits it offers, and how companies can put it into practice. What is data ethics in the print industry?

Datenkompetenz: Data literacy
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What is the “creator” of this infographic trying to accomplish? We’ve asked ourselves this question many times. Even the hippest media designers adhere to typography, and similarly, an ergonomic software user interface is the result of specific fundamentals and experience. So why should we believe that no “laws” apply to infographic design?

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No matter which news portal you look at: ChatGPT and the artificial intelligence behind it are THE topic of the hour right now. Other AI tools, such as DALL-E, Whisper or Midjourney, are also attracting a lot of attention. So it’s high time to think about the extent to which this technology has what it takes to also support online print shops in their daily business.

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