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Modesty, they say, is a virtue. But anyone who sells themselves short in today’s business world is quickly overlooked, declared obsolete and no longer in demand. In view of the digital media and possibilities, the end of the printing industry has been prophesied for years and at regular intervals. Yet large parts of the industry are proving to be vibrant and extremely successful.

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It has been three years since Christoph Behn retired from the operational management of the Celebrate Company and founded the business angels association Better Ventures. But now he is returning – and taking over for Co-CEO Patrick Leibold, who will be leaving the company at the end of 2023 after six years.

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At the Online Print Symposium, the speakers are “hand-picked” from a wide variety of backgrounds and all have a unique history. Nevertheless, some still distinguish themselves even when they reach the top. During the 8th OPS, held at the beginning of March this year, Patrick Leibold from the Kartenmacherei received some of the very best feedback.