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Modesty, they say, is a virtue. But anyone who sells themselves short in today’s business world is quickly overlooked, declared obsolete and no longer in demand. In view of the digital media and possibilities, the end of the printing industry has been prophesied for years and at regular intervals. Yet large parts of the industry are proving to be vibrant and extremely successful.

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A solution to the months-long internal conflict over the Chairmanship of the Executive Board of the Neumüller Cewe Color Foundation was already announced in November with the appointment of Yvonne Rostock. At the turn of the year, both the previous Chairman of the Executive Board, Dr. Christian Friege, and Dr. Rolf Hollander, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, have departed the company.

Yvonne Rostock: Dr. Christian Friege
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After months of internal disputes over the chairmanship of the Neumüller Cewe Color Stiftung for next year, the Board of Trustees has appointed Yvonne Rostock to succeed Dr. Christian Friege. She is to take over the CEO function as well as overall responsibility for sales in the Cewe Group by April 2023 at the latest.

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The photo service provider CEWE has been able to increase its dividend for the twelfth time in succession. As the company reported at its Annual General Meeting, the dividend has increased by 30 cents per share to €2.30 in comparison to the previous year.”Our sustained growth with increasing corporate earnings and our very solid financial situation enable us to distribute a higher dividend for the twelfth year in succession,” said Dr. Christian Friege