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In the past we have observed the path of Cimpress and have had intensive discussions with Robert Keane about the industry and his company. At the Online Print Symposium, Robert Keane gave a much-noticed lecture. He has experienced and moved a lot and acts like a metronome in the online print world.

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Cimpress recently presented its latest quarterly figures. In the accompanying letter, Robert Keane, the CEO of the online print market leader, was extremely confident about the future of his company. However, a close look at the figures shows that perhaps the overly euphoric sentiment may not be entirely appropriate. As the market leader, Cimpress is broadly positioned and covers various customer groups and business models with its subsidiaries.

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Online print market leader Cimpress has presented its latest quarterly report. In view of the ongoing pandemic situation, this is not just about figures, but also about strategy. Cimpress CEO Robert Keane addressed investors in a letter.  Overall, the company has so far weathered the Covid 19 pandemic well, emphasized Keane.