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2023 Trends
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Even though the past year has shown how interwoven – and thus vulnerable – the markets and their players are, print shops can look to the new year with a certain degree of confidence. Certainly those who have taken the volatility of recent years as an opportunity to align their structures and processes with this “new normal” – and see not only challenges but also opportunities in the trends. What will influence the online print world in 2023?

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Connecting software and ensuring data exchange between existing systems is one objective of the Industry 4.0 concepts. One difficulty encountered in practice is the automation of processes, as software packages are often incompatible. Interfaces between ERP system and production workflow are often non-existent or very expensive.

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It is a major decision whether the main components of a new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system should be provided on dedicated servers within the company (on-premise) or in the cloud. Different options and costs depend upon this decision. Some vendors offer a mix of models where the cloud software is hosted on a company’s private servers. However, to consider the advantages and disadvantages, one should make a clear separation.