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Today, we’re going to talk out of our own experience. As a service provider, we of course know how important it is to deal with mistakes properly. Mistakes happen, after all we are all only human. But how one behaves in case something goes wrong can be decisive for whether a business relationship continues or breaks up. With the following example, in which we were a customer, we not only want to sensitise people to the topic, but above all show them what they should pay attention to.

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In the third and (for the time being) last part of our chatbot series, we demonstrate how the bots can be used within a company. In the first two parts of our series on the chatbot trend, we looked at the AI app, Replika, and specific use cases in customer service. As service employees or emotional support, chatbots can be in use around the clock – as our first two articles on the subject have already shown.

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How can chat bots be used professionally? After our unscientific self-experiment with the Replika app, we wanted to learn more. That’s why we took a closer look at practical use cases of digital service agents. The first part of our analysis is dedicated to chat bots in customer service. Who still remembers the annoying bug-eyed paper clip “Clippy”, who made Microsoft Word since 1997 unsafe with well-intentioned advice?