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It all started with an algorithm that matches print job requirements with production machine specifications and immediately outputs prices. A few years later, the Cologne-based start-up sourc-e has become a full-service print broker that, with a team of 40 and an international network of 250 print shops, is rethinking the purchasing of print products and, above all: digitizing them.

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The number of print shops offering open store concepts directly to customers or resellers has grown steadily in recent years. The onliners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland have implemented highly individual concepts. It is remarkable that not only the very large companies are successful in the business, but also small and medium-sized print shops. Print shops that perhaps 10 years ago would not have thought about implementing a web-to-print concept on the Internet.

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In a new study, the digital association Bitkom examines potential future scenarios for ERPs. Enterprise resource planning systems are considered in the context of relevant technologies in the “ERP Trend Check 2021” Whitepaper. Although ERPs were among the earliest successes of digitization, the printing industry still has some catching up to do in many places.