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Tijmen van den Elzen
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While many companies are still thinking about where and how they can integrate artificial intelligence into their business model, AI has already been in use at the Dutch online print shop Helloprint for months – in customer service, a fundamentally important area of any online store. Tijmen van den Elzen, co-founder of Engaige, the AI start-up that emerged from Helloprint, presented the results achieved to date at OPS 2024.

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Because the team of the online printing and e-commerce platform Helloprint found the previous automation solutions for the customer experience in e-commerce too standardised, too inflexible and too cost-intensive, they took matters into their own hands without further ado – and developed their own AI-supported automation software with Engaige. 

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Will B2B be the next big trend in online print? Actually, the potential that lies in business-to-business relationships is nothing new and has been known for a long time. But more and more online printers and print brokers, whose focus has long been on SMEs or even end consumers, are right now deliberately expanding their customer group in this direction.