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be.print is the name of Lead-Print’s new online print ecosystem, which is designed to connect print shops and corporates easily, quickly and seamlessly with each other and, if required, with external service providers. With the new 360° mass customization platform, the Willich-based provider of B2C and B2B store environments aims to take web-to-print and print procurement to a new level, according to an official press release.

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Apoidea Handels GmbH in Bautzen shows that specialization in online print can work: Their online store www.honigetiketten.de, which is geared towards beekeepers, has been on the market for more than a year and is developing so well that a second online store, www.glasetiketten.de, has just been added to the portfolio. In both cases, the lead print store from Be.Beyond was used for the implementation, most recently also including the new 3D preview of the pitch print editor.

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With dropshipping, customers order from the online retailer as usual, but are supplied directly by the manufacturer or wholesaler. In other words, the online retailer offers products without having them in stock or manufacturing them in-house. Customers want security. In the entire process, in quality, in payment and in delivery.

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The Red Print Group is a new online printer on the market. Behind it is a company that is no stranger to the market, Druckhaus Mainfranken. Moreover, the red printers from Lower Franconia unapologetically declare themselves to be price makers. Is this just marketing bluster or is there really something behind it?

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The web-to-print provider Be.Beyond announced last week that it will be offering an interface to Flyeralarm. The Lead-Print system is currently well positioned in the B2B sector and professional drop shipping is already a common practice. Their experience can now be transferred to the B2C sector. There will be a “pre-filled” web shop, i.e. a white label solution for all printers in German-speaking countries.