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The Australian design platform Canva has achieved something that only a few companies manage: less than ten years after its founding, it is – as of today – in use with a good 60 million users in more than 190 countries around the world, making it a real heavyweight in the design market.

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In the past we have observed the path of Cimpress and have had intensive discussions with Robert Keane about the industry and his company. At the Online Print Symposium, Robert Keane gave a much-noticed lecture. He has experienced and moved a lot and acts like a metronome in the online print world.

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At Beyondprint, we don’t just keep an eye on the German market, but we also look beyond (as the name suggests). The following article offers an interesting insight into the growth of online print in Spain and France. As a measure of analysis, we looked at the number of hits on the websites of online printers. We have translated the blog article from French, with the kind permission of Ludovic Martin, an independent consultant for eCommerce strategy and web-to-print projects.