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Anyone looking for individual posters, (large-format) wall decorations or iconic images on the internet will sooner or later end up at myposter or one of the brands belonging to the group. How the founders managed to make the myposter brand so successful – and keep it successful – is what the new episode of Zippers Insights is all about.

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Anyone who believes that the customer journey ends as soon as an order has been placed is mistaken. After all, it is the following communication with the customer – in addition to other factors relating to delivery, tracking and returns management – that holds enormous potential for improving customer loyalty and differentiating the company from the competition. Online printers should draw attention to this.

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It used to be simple: an online shop was an online shop and social media was primarily used for private purposes. Today, this distinction no longer exists, as social media and online shopping are increasingly merging into what e-commerce professionals call “social shopping”. According to a recent whitepaper by YouGov, the trend has what it takes to become the “new normal”. (Online) printers should also take note of this.