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Egger Druck + Medien GmbH in Landsberg am Lech will be majority-owned by Arcus Capital AG and its portfolio company Pinsker Druck und Medien. The specialist for folding cartons and individual packaging solutions will thus become part of a group of companies that wants to form its focus precisely in this print and packaging market and also „raise digital sales structures to the next level“. Egger Druck + Medien already operates its own online store for folding cartons and individual packaging with „Madika“. 

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A topic-specific question, a handful of creative (IT) minds and 24 to 48 hours of time: The principle of a hackathon is simple. And no, it has nothing to do with criminal activity. The combination of the words “hacking” and “marathon” is a collaborative software and hardware development event that produces innovative solutions to concrete problems.