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If you want to remain successful in the future, you need innovative strength. Only those who reflect on their actions and are prepared to rethink everything will be able to find answers to the questions of increasingly demanding customers. At the OPS Insight Pitches, six creative start-ups showed just how much innovation and drive there is in online printing, AI and, above all, mass customization. It’s worth listening to you.

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Bernd Zipper met digitally with Christoph Clermont and Christoph Schacht of Printess to find out what product this new startup has launched and what it’s all about. We have Printess here and two of its three founders are on the microphone, namely Christoph Clermont and Christoph Schacht. Hello, hello to you.

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Bernd Zipper talked to two of the three founders of printess, Christoph Clermont and Christoph Schacht, to find out exactly what printess is about and what makes it so special. The two veterans of the online print industry talk about their new web-to-print editor and explain the differences and improvements to the already familiar browser editors.