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Obi already did it last year, Rewe wants to follow suit in July and discontinue its printed advertising brochure. Netto has been testing a slimmed-down version of its “Promotional leaflet” in the greater Berlin area since the fall of 2022, and Aldi has said goodbye to its printed customer magazine. Reports like these give the impression that printed promotional communication is a discontinued model.

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Mypromo has it in its name – and online print shops such as Onlineprinters and Flyeralarm have also long since recognized its potential: Promotional products. Even if spending on them has fallen slightly in Germany due to the Corona pandemic in 2020 and 2021, the potential is huge. After all, where haptic products are used, emotions arise, and appreciation is conveyed.

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Massive cancellations of trade fairs and events have recently put a damper on the promotional products market. Nevertheless, the industry is robust. On the road back to its former greatness, digitization and online sales are playing an increasingly important role – areas in which promotional products retailers have not exactly been model students. To change that, the networking platform mypromo, has repositioned itself.