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Personalized books are not new – however, a platform that provides uncomplicated market access for the creative minds behind the stories and at the same time offers the customizable books to end customers certainly is. Appropriately named TwoWorlds, the new marketplace for personalized books enables just that.

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A topic-specific question, a handful of creative (IT) minds and 24 to 48 hours of time: The principle of a hackathon is simple. And no, it has nothing to do with criminal activity. The combination of the words “hacking” and “marathon” is a collaborative software and hardware development event that produces innovative solutions to concrete problems.

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Why are you a publishing freak? In other words, someone who, by Duden’s definition, is enthusiastic about something in a way that seems excessive. Editors, media designers and publishers of all kinds have probably asked themselves this question at some point in the night while sitting at their desk in front of half-finished work.