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Initiative Online Print IOP neuer Vorstand Ulrich Schätzl Bernd Zipper Roland Keppler
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The Initiative Online Print (IOP) has a new board: Roland Keppler, CEO of Onlineprinters GmbH and Ulrich Schätzl, Director Mass Customization of the Elanders Print+Packaging Group and head of the German section of Dscoop, together with Bernd Zipper, Managing Director of zipcon consulting GmbH and initiator of the IOP, will form the trio of board members of the interest group.

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You might not be able to stand to hear it anymore, but yes, the pandemic has presented most companies with major challenges over the past two years. It has acted as a catalyst and accelerated developments. At the same time, as Roland Keppler, CEO of Onlineprinters, described it at the Online Print Symposium 2022, the Corona crisis has also provided positive momentum.

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There have been personnel changes in the management team at Onlineprinters. Christian Würst, who was previously the Managing Director and Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) responsible for marketing and sales, has left the company after four years to pursue new opportunities. “We would like to thank Christian Würst for his successful work. Together with his team, he has done important development work in the company.”

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Since July 2020, “diedruckerei.de” has been operating in Germany under the name “onlineprinters.de”. Whether this is more than just a marketing idea from two managers from outside the industry, Bernd Zipper was keen to find out for his podcast series, “Zippers Insights”.