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High, higher, highest: There are industries that have done anything but suffer as a result of the Corona pandemic and the lockdowns but have instead enjoyed the business of a lifetime. For example, various online retailers. And software companies whose tools make online commerce possible in the first place.

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Hundreds of new business partners per week generating thousands of orders and thus impressive growth in a short space of time – and all for a manageable investment? What sounds like a crazy pipe dream is in fact possible in reality. After all, anyone who has understood the dropshipping concept and offers their products via an interface to be integrated into various store systems can profit greatly from it. But does this also work with print products? Beyond Print has investigated…

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The dropshipping trend seems to be made for the print industry: Here, the processes and structures of modern online retailing have already been anticipated to some extent in the past. A new Shopify tutorial explains how print-on-demand processes work – and also shows what print shops need to bear in mind. With dropshipping, an online retailer sells goods that are produced on-demand and then shipped directly from the manufacturer to the customer.