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Complaining is not my thing – and surrendering to one’s fate without resistance is even less so. What is my thing is the printing industry and the question of how it will continue to develop. I’d like to explain to you how we at zipcon see the future of the printing industry. But I must warn you in advance: this article contains not only bitter realizations, but also numerous facts and forecasts that genuinely hurt.

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A new week, a new challenge for Haeme Ulrich and Bernd Zipper: “Do you always have to be part of the platform hype?” is what Thomas Kramer from censhare wanted to know this time around. He got the idea for his question from the recent “Clubhouse” hype. Whether you find every new trend funny or are quickly annoyed by it, is a question of personal preference for Haeme.

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Bernd Zipper is considered a visionary in the printing industry for good reason. He has been explaining and predicting many trends for years – such as in an interview with the marketing magazine, “Horizont”. Developments such as mass customization and automation are now indispensable in the print sector. Many are therefore worried that the industry could die out.