Wall of Pain: the rocky road to becoming an online print provider …


The hurdles, obstacles and pitfalls on the road to becoming an online print provider are likely to be familiar to almost anybody with an interest in online print. We are collating all your opinions in a new initiative – so why not join in beyond-print.de’s “Wall of Pain”.

wall-of-pain_screenshot_430x292As a reader of my blog, you have known for a long time that becoming an online print provider and – provided you really make it – then competing effectively in this market is no walk in the park. In my blog I attempt to tackle current topics in the industry and provide you with comprehensive knowledge. That is not always as easy as it may look – so that’s why we need YOUR SUPPORT. As of now we at beyond-print.de are compiling information about all your painful experiences on the road to becoming an online print provider. It doesn’t matter whether you have to remedy an investment backlog, search for staff or learn for the first time what this eBusiness thing is all about. I want to hear your story. Why not join in and as a “reward” for your fascinating input, I shall be hosting a slap-up pizza dinner in Essen incl. two hours for conversation, during which time we can chat or you can shed light on your new business idea.

Here it goes to the “Wall of Pain”

I am looking forward to receiving your feedback – Yours sincerely Bernd Zipper


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