Your opinion counts on the “Wall of Pain” – What are the challenges you face?


Exactly a week has passed since we launched our Wall of Pain  project. We have already received several interesting posts, nevertheless we are still interested in getting your opinions and are not going to give up that easily. 🙂

That’s because only you can tell us what problems you face, what barriers and obstacles you believe you need to overcome and what pitfalls you need to be aware of.

29264796_m_what-are-you-thinking_430pxReaders from all over the world have already gotten involved in our new initiative and posted their own personal input on our “Wall of Pain”. Both becoming and being an online print provider as well as competing effectively later on down the line is no walk in the park – our day-to-day client project work has made us acutely aware of that! The many questions and opinions that have already been posted on the noticeboard demonstrate that too.

Here are just a couple of examples:

  • Which web services would it make sense for B2C online print providers to offer? Can consumers be appealed to with sensibly applied cloud memory and DAM systems on mobile end devices?
  • Finding the right system still represents one of the biggest challenges. eCommerce is still an alien concept in the printing industry. Where should you source it from if you can’t steal it or create it yourself?
  • The prices of standard print products are heading south at a considerable rate of knots. Is that going to continue? What can I do to resist it?
  • Mein großes Anliegen seit einiger Zeit ist der Bedarf an Sonderprodukten gewesen, wie z.B. Verpackungen mit einer einzigartigen Veredelung, der nicht online gedeckt werden kann. Kunden in Afrika wollen dies jedoch haben, und W2P sei ein probates Modell, diesen Bedarf zu decken.

… you can find more input on the “Wall of Pain”.

Of course I attempt to address current industry topics in my blog and to provide you with an extensive amount of information and knowledge. But ultimately only you know exactly what information you are lacking and what topics are preying on your mind. What challenges are you facing on your way to establishing your eBusiness print store? Or are you already online and have you got IT infrastructure issues?
Why not just let me know on the “Wall of Pain“.

The author of the most interesting input can win a slap-up pizza dinner with me in Essen, including a lively discussion about your own personal business idea or simply exchanging ideas for your personal ideas pool. So why not join in and tell me what problems you face!

Proceed here to the “Wall of Pain”

I look forward to receiving your feedback – Yours sincerely, Bernd Zipper

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