Talking Overseas – the weekly Video-Podcast with John Parsons and Bernd Zipper

Die Video-Season 1

Folge 8: Warum ich Print liebe…

Englische Version Episode 8
“Why I love print…”

Episode 8: Why I love print…

German Version
“Warum ich Print liebe…”

Folge 7: Tipps an transformierende Chefs

Englische Version Episode 7
“Tips for Transforming Bosses”

Episode 7: Tips for transforming bosses

German Version
“Tipps an transformierende Chefs”

Folge 6: Digitale Transformation Dos + Don’ts

Englische Version Episode 6
“Digital Transformation Dos + Don’ts”

Episode 6: Digital Transformation Dos + Don’ts

German Version
“Digitale Transformation Dos + Don’ts”

Folge 5: Anforderungen an “Transformatoren”

Englische Version Episode 5
“Requirements for Transformers”

Episode 5: Requirements for Transformers

German Version
Anforderungen an “Transformatoren”

Folge 4: Digitale Transformation? Die RDVVMU-Formel.

Englische Version Episode 4
“Digital Transformation? The RDOUMI-Formula.”

Episode 4: Digital Transformation? The RDOUMI-Formula.

German Version
“Digitale Transformation? Die RDVVMU-Formul.”

Folge 3: Digitale Wertschöpfungsketten? Kurz erklärt.

Englische Version Episode 3
“Digital Value Chains? Short explanation.”

Episode 3: Digital Value Chains? Short explanation.

German Version
“Digitale Wertschöpfungsketten? Kurz erklärt.”

Folge 2: Digitale Disruption? Kurze Definition.

Englische Version Episode 2
“Digital Disruption? Briefly explained.”

Episode 2: Digital Disruption? Briefly explained.

German Version
“Digitale Disruption? Kurze Definition.”

Folge 1: Digitale Transformation? Grundgedanken.

Englische Version Episode 1
“Digital Transformation? Basic idea.”

Episode 1: Digital Transformation? Basic idea.

German Version
“Digitale Transformation? Grundgedanken.”